Welcome to LiveBest!

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So glad you’re here! From head to toe, you’ll learn how to LiveBest—one step at a time, so you can live your life and dreams with vitality.

As a food enthusiast and registered dietitian, I help people optimize their performance with realistic nutrition solutions. Food can be enjoyed and healthful—all on the same fork.

Most people will never, ever see a dietitian, but many are hungry for solid nutrition and health advice. You’ve got experts at your fingertips! LiveBest is a healthy living site with accurate information devoted to educating people because what you eat today impacts how you live tomorrow. Live smarter and pass the word.

If you are looking for a quick way to lose weight, you should visit a different website. But after you do, and learn that “quick solutions” only result in weight loss followed by weight gain, then come back here and learn to LiveBest. I don’t count calories nor do I offer diets or dieting advice. What you will find are solutions and guidance on lifelong healthy living so you can LiveBest.

There is so much “noise” about what is healthy eating and how to do it. Many people give up because what they hear today is dismissed tomorrow. Yet everyone eats. We all make food choices, but we’re typically not taught how to do it well. I spell it out in my book Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest.

We make more than 200 food decisions everyday. Breakfast or no breakfast? Cereal or toast? One slice or two? Kitchen or car? With cheese or not? Large or medium? One beer or two? Every time we pass a candy dish or the fridge we make a decision to eat… or not eat.  Yet, most Americans think figuring out their income taxes is easier than knowing what they should and shouldn’t eat.

your-6-week-guide-to-livebest-PAGESGood food makes your life better. The more you know, the more delicious and varied your food choices can be. My passion is sharing the news that food can be enjoyed and healthful. If you want delicious food that helps you LiveBest by nourishing body and mind, you’re in the right spot.

But to LiveBest, you must be present to win. Visit the Books and More page to find tips and tools to help you live with intention including a FREE leader guide and slide series to use to LiveBest.


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