Cranberry Orange Cornbread Trifle

Cranberry Cornbread Trifle | Cranberries, oranges, yogurt and cornbread make this a holiday showstopper! It's also rich in protein and fiber and low in sugar. Real food deliciously.

Layers of cranberries, pear, orange, yogurt, ginger and cornbread make this a trifle to remember! Looking for a recipe to serve for the holidays? See if this fits your requirements: Make ahead, economical, enough substance so that people aren’t hungry an hour later, and on the healthy side. Meet Cranberry Cornbread Trifle. My gift to you! […]

Almond Thyme Honey

Honey Bee Gift Guide

Almond Thyme Honey | Drizzle over cheese or yogurt. This infused honey is easy to make. Real food naturally.

I haven’t always been fascinated by bees. 🐝 I was aware of them, watching as they moved among flowers and appreciating the result: honey. 🍯 But then I became a beekeeper. Well, one of a pair of beekeepers. When I told my husband I wanted to keep bees. I knew what he was thinking: Seriously? Is […]

Korean Noodles

Korean Noodles | In less than 30 minutes, a vegetarian meal that is full of flavor and delivers healthy benefits. Real food deliciously!

This isn’t “pasta as usual!” In less than 30 minutes, robust flavors with good-for-you foods. With cold and flu season upon us, the best defense may be good gut health. Since much of our immune health begins in the gut, this month’s Recipe Redux Challenge is on healthy, delicious recipes to bolster gut health.  This is one […]

Pumpkin Spice Seedy Slow Cooker Granola

Pumpkin Spice Seedy Granola | A super spicy, seedy granola made in the slow cooker. Rich in protein and fiber, this is real food deliciously.

Pumpkin Spice Seedy Slow Cooker Granola smells like all things cozy. In the kitchen, at the table and nearly every restaurant menu, pumpkin, cinnamon, and ginger are flavors of the season. It used to be pumpkin was a seasonal pie. But, OMGosh, now pumpkin is everywhere! This hot, hot food is in yogurt, almonds, ice […]

Kale Turkey Bean Soup

Kale Turkey Bean Soup | This hearty soup is easy to make and quick to fix comfort food. Full of fiber and flavor.

I’m not happy. I’m wearing socks. The weather has changed. It was below freezing when I walked Beau this morning. In snow.  I’m happier when socks are not required. When I wear flip flops or sandals. Socks required But when socks are required, I’m a ThorLo gal. I love the cushion, the way they hug my feet […]

Black Bean Quinoa Salad

high five fiber challenge

Black Bean Quinoa Salad | This high protein, high fiber vegetarian salad is filled with delicious real food. It is easy to make and keeps well.

high protein, high fiber, vegetarian salad that is so good! Digestive Health is a topic many of us are interested in. From reducing bloat, to going #2, to improving our gut bacteria, we’re looking for fiber in our food. Fiber has powerful health benefits. It is best known for helping to keep food moving smoothly […]

The Best Gift I Ever Gave


Are you searching for the perfect gift? If you want to laugh and cry and celebrate life, I’ve got an idea. For my husband’s birthday I asked childhood friends, college roommate, colleagues, and family to send him a card. Specifically, I said that I wanted to present him with cards from his favorite people with […]