Blueberry Ginger Spelt Scones

Blueberry Ginger Spekt Scones

Blueberry Ginger Spelt Scones, a favorite with tea or coffee, gets a makeover with creamy yogurt, nutty whole-grains, juicy blueberries and spicy ginger.  It took a bit of saliva and a few weeks to learn that I’m a NorthWesterner. Not Seattle. United Kingdom. To pinpoint it: British and Irish with a spot of French and […]

Chicken Mole

Chicken Mole

Chicken Mole is a great make-ahead meal. The Instant Pot makes it easy! If a Cinco de Mayo celebration is in your future, I’ve got you covered in one word. Mole. Not to be confused with a rodent, mole (pronounced MOH-lay) is a rich, dark Mexican sauce made from chiles, seeds, nuts, spices, vegetables and […]

Orange Cabbage Slaw

7 ways to stretch your food budget

Orange Cabbage Slaw | Cabbage is sweeter the sooner you use it, but it’s heartiness makes it last much longer than most lettuce and salad greens, giving you more time to use it.

Orange Cabbage Slaw is a super easy salad. Fresh orange sweetens the deal because cabbage can run on the bitter side. April brings green grass, song birds, and tax day. Paying those taxes can take a bite out of your monthly budget. Here are seven ways to stretch your food dollar. Seven says to stretch […]

Coconut Seed Clusters

Coconut Seed Clusters

Coconut Seed Clusters may give the cookie tray the boot! Healthy fats, protein, and fiber from seeds and natural sweetness from honey and coconut. Yum! Candy at the front desk, Girl Scout cookies in the break room, and birthday cake at 3:00 to celebrate the honoree. The office can be the death of a health […]

Chicken Jambalaya

Meal planning tips

Chicken Jambalaya Bowl

Chicken Jambalaya is a great meal prep recipe. Flavors develop over time and it may stretch to 2 or 3 meals. I boosted the health quotient with more vegetables and brown rice! It’s 5 o’clock. Somewhere. That means it’s time to kick back and relax. Right? Somewhere. But not your house after work when the kids […]

Banana Walnut Bread

healthier banana bread

Banana Walnut Bread | a healthier banana bread! Yogurt, whole grains, protein and fiber with less sugar and fat!

Banana Walnut Bread is healthier banana bread! Yogurt, whole grains, protein and fiber with less sugar and fat. And you’re still using those ripe bananas 😉 Lemon blossoms bring me to my family home in California. Pears take me to my grandma’s house. A whiff of espresso takes me to Italy. Our sense of smell has […]

Tomato Spinach Saute

Tomato Spinach Saute | Healthy, easy, vegetarian recipe with fresh cherry tomatoes and spinach, garlic, olive oil, red chile flakes.

Good food does not need to be complicated. Tomato Spinach Saute is an easy recipe with healthy dividends. This vegetarian recipe is ready in 15 minutes. Fast and flavorful. Healthy and hearty. Economical and easy. Happy and healthy. However you want to say it, Tomato Spinach Sauté is all that and more! We all know vegetables […]

Nut’n Seed Butter

Nut'n Seed Butter recipe | Blend your favorite nuts and seeds to make Nut'n Seed Butter. Creamy or crunchy, you got it. Spread the healthy deliciousness!

Make your own Nut’n Seed Butter. Creamy or crunchy, you got it. Spread the deliciousness! The PBJ. Like milk and cookies, peanut butter and jelly sandwich is a classic. It’s likely one of the first things many of us ever made. Feeding ourselves with a hand-held, super simple, sweet and salty sammy. Nuts wear a […]

Everything Seasoning

It's the little things

Everything Seasoning | Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic and salt are crunchy flavor boosters! I love it avocado toast, eggs, yogurt and anything with butter!

This Everything Seasoning seeds and flavoring on their own don’t add up to much. But together the sum of their parts make everything taste better. That’s why its called Everything! Robert Brault said, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” As we open new […]