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♦ Author, Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest, Simple Solutions for Fresh Food & Well-Being and LiveBest Seasonally, a Fresh Approach to a Life of Vitality

I have spoken to thousands of people at dozens of conferences — see some quotes below — and webinars. My recipes and recommendations have been featured on Prevention.com, CookingLight.comWomansDay.com,  MensFitness.com, ReadersDigest.comLovoinc.com, Shape.com, FitnessMagazine.com, RunnersWorld.comFilmJournal.com, FoodNetwork.com, Southeast United Dairy Industry AssociationTillamook County Health MattersWeightWatchers.com, Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council, and Walnuts.org.

 “Judy’s FUN presentation on Food Waste for the WSAND and OAND joint conference 2021 was an engaging combination of science and practical application. She has a unique ability to put her audience at ease while empowering a joyous relationship with food! For a positive shift from your cookie-cutter seminar, I recommend Judy Barbe for her professional and entertaining style.” Cara Nichols, conference planning team

Judy Barbe did a fantastic job! Her session was wonderful and everyone seemed fully invested in all of her tips and tricks of confident cooking. She was extremely personable and did an amazing job representing us at the conference. I highly recommend her for future events and would love to work with her again.” Ali Cantrell, Alabama Beef Council

I am past chair of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food and Culinary Professionals Practice Group and a member of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Nutrition Seminar Speaker’s Bureau.

Read my newspaper columns in the Casper Star Tribune.

Listen to my interview on SoundBitesRD podcast with Melissa Joy Dobbins.

Website: www.LiveBest.info
FaceBook: www.facebook.com/LivBst
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Making healthier eating choices can be overwhelming. At LiveBest we offer practical advice on how you can end your nutrition confusion and instead enjoy food that’s both healthy and delicious so you can live stronger, longer.

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Looking to inspire your audience with advice that’s both solution-oriented and medically sound? I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist who has been bringing realistic solutions to tables for more than 20 years. I nudge people toward better-for-you choices as the author of Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest, Simple Solutions for Fresh Food & Well-Being and LiveBest Seasonally, a Fresh Approach to Living with Vitality, through my regular newspaper columns, radio health minutes, and webinar series.

“Judy, you changed my life! Your pointers and simple tips, delivered with humor and a whole lot of deep culinary knowledge, changed my kitchen forever! I am deeply grateful.” Maria Shroyer, MS, RD, LDN, Delaware WIC Program

Judy is an absolute pleasure to work with, offering creative ideas and solutions that I would not have thought of myself. She provided an energetic presentation with just enough humor to keep me smiling the entire time! She is a true professional who is dedicated to a job well-done.” Tracey True, Manager of Food and nutrition Outreach, The Dairy Alliance

Judy took us to the next level of teamwork with a fun, awesome program. We cooked together virtually for our team building event. It was so great, the team is still talking about it!” Chris Lorence, Executive Director, Credit Union National Association

Culinary Techniques for RDs. You don’t need to be a Top Chef to build kitchen confidence.

From meal planning to equipment selection and cooking techniques, this session will set you up for success with simple strategies to boost your kitchen confidence. Culinary skills maximize flavor and increase the deliciousness of food. If you’re a better cook you can help your clients and patients be more successful in the kitchen. It’s essential if we want nutrition therapy and behavior change to be effective because lack of flavor and skill are common frustrations for clients as they struggle to make dietary changes.

Reclaim Your Better Self

Inspire your group with a realistic, relevant energy reboot. Living healthier can be challenging. Shopping for healthier options can seem overwhelming! It doesn’t have to be that way. For 30 years I’ve used my background as a registered dietitian to nudge audiences toward a life full of healthier and enjoyable food choices. Let me help your group live stronger, longer (and deliciously). Pinky promise.

My presentation Reclaim Your Better Self! is how I do it.

What you put on your fork, how you use your feet, who you connect with, and how you feed your soul are keystones to better living. Recharge your stamina and creativity though wellth management so you can have more focus and productivity.

Let me help you turn good intentions into effective actions so you can get back to the things you love. Things like: • Feeling joy • Living with vitality • Enjoying DELICIOUS food

Join registered dietitian and author Judy Barbe for an energy reboot! This positive lifestyle changing session includes a self-assessment and goal setting process that will pay dividends for years to come!

Judy is the most organized, professional and engaging speaker I have worked with in almost 30 years of community nutrition! She was thoughtful and thorough in preparing her presentation and then exceeded expectations of our planning committee and participants. As the main speaker for an afternoon nutrition workshop, Judy educated and entertained. A true test of her skill is that the participants asked insightful questions at the break and stayed until the program finished.” Anne Goetze, RDN, LD, FAND, Senior Director of Nutrition Affairs, Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council

From a small, intimate group of dietitians to a large group of school nutrition professionals, Judy is able to engage audiences of all backgrounds and sizes. Judy’s presentation at the Idaho School Nutrition Association conference was so successful; it was touted as the best presentation of the entire conference! Judy’s practical tips on reducing food waste and living your best life combined with her unique ability to connect with all audiences makes her the ultimate speaker for any event.” Chelsea Schoenfelder, Idaho Dairy Council

Judy Barbe is a pleasure to work with — she is friendly, professional, and a great public speaker. She knows her topic well and is very informative. Audience members left with insight about next steps to further their goal of healthy living. Her talk was just what we were hoping for.” Betsy O’Neil, Reference Librarian, Natrona County Public Library

The (Re)Purpose of Food – How to Reduce Wasted Food at Home

Nearly one third of the food we purchase ends up in the trash. This food waste stems from a variety of reasons: we bought food for a specific recipe; we ate out rather than cooked; we forgot we had it; or we can’t think of a way to use it or repurpose it. Regardless of why, the loss in dollars and the impact on the environment add up. From purchase to cooking, this session will provide ideas to implement at home to be part of the solution to this global concern.

Conserving food is part of our history. Based on this conservation theme, this food-focused session highlights how we can use and eat food responsibly, such as “buy it wisely, cook it carefully, use it completely.”

“Judy is an engaging, dynamic speaker who captured the attention of the audience right away and kept us entertained for her entire presentation. She provided practical, professional tips on reducing food waste and innovative recipes. She was by far the best received speaker at the conference and all left that day with some additional tools for their RD toolbox. We highly recommend Judy as a speaker.”  Jane Q. Vergnani, RDN, LDN, New England Dairy & Food Council

Judy exceeded our expectations at our annual conference with The (Re)Purpose of Food presentation. She has mastered the art of presenting essential and timely information in the most charming way, keeping the audience engaged throughout.” Tara Petersen, MS, RD, LMNT, Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

FRESH Delivery

Effectively communicating knowledge and expertise is one of the most important things a person can do to promote his or her organization, profession and self. In a clinic, grocery store, or conference, we deliver information through presentations. However, many struggle when they speak — they lack
focus, have unreadable slides, or
are uncomfortable in the speaking space. This skill-building session will help attendees move from frazzled to fresh and transform the way they communicate.

What others say:

“Judy’s webinar series led me down better road. I’ve lost a little more than an inch from my waistline, and lost 12 pounds. Best of all, my blood pressure is lower, and at a Dr. visit last week, was able to stop my blood pressure medication. Again, many thanks for your wonderful course!”    Kathleen

“I received Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest, Simple Solutions for Fresh Food & Well-Being as a gift. Can you believe it motivated me to lose 100 pounds?!”   Anonymous

 “I truly appreciate Judy’s professionalism, experienced insight, and attention to detail. After a thorough discussion of the goals for our project, Judy set to work and provided updates for review throughout. The final product was just as we had hoped and on time. Working with Judy is a true delight!” Robyn Stuewe, MA, RDN, LD, CHES, Midwest Dairy Council

Judy delivered a session on reducing food waste to a full room. Her simple and practical solutions captivated the audience. Participants were lined up at our exhibit booth to ask more regarding batch cooking, repurpose food ideas and to thank her for the information shared. Judy’s robust portfolio of nutrition experiences allows her to engage the audience with her expertise. I recommend her and look forward to working with her again.” Chris Freland, Iowa Beef Industry Council

Judy was an absolute pleasure to work with! Her presentation style was engaging and informative. Judy utilized impressive visuals that were professional and very well organized. We look forward to working with Judy again in the near future.” Tracey Giambertone, RDN, CDN, Co-President Long Island Dietetic Association

Judy brings a sane approach to topics that sometimes attract the “true believers” on either side of the equation. Judy presents an imaginative and creative approach to a subject that can get too preachy and complicated. Her use of multi-media and pertinent materials makes the discussion of nutrition much more entertaining and exciting than what others have forced us to sit through in the past. We highly recommend Judy and plan on using her in future events.” Daniel C. Borschke, FASAE, CAE, Executive Vice President, National Association of Concessionaires

“Thank you for coming and sharing your wonderful knowledge with the group — your presentation was a big hit! Becky Miller, Executive Director, New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest book is fantastic and full of sensible advice that should benefit both clinicians and patients.” James Rupp, MD

Judy’s forward thinking approaches provide culinary appeal to sustainable practices. Addressing the ever-present issue of responsible food use, Judy’s ingenuity and sound dietary advice allows consumers to transform cupboard castaways into nutritious, easy-to-prepare meals with gourmet flair. Her presentation, The (Re)purpose of Food embodied the ‘buy it wisely, cook it carefully, eat it all’ adage, perhaps with a necessary addition of ‘…and enjoy it immensely!’ ” Mitch Rippe, Director of Nutrition Education, Nebraska Beef Council

Judy has the unique ability to take scientific nutrition principles and put them into easy to understand, practical applications for everyday life. She mixes humor with a clear understanding of what it takes to move the needle on behavior change and provides inspiration and achievable goals. Judy is the consummate professional, flexible and solution-oriented to meet the needs of her clients and audiences. Her passion and enthusiasm for living your best are contagious!” Linda Mendoza, RD, CD, Washington State Dairy Council

Judy knocked this out of the park! Her 6-week webinar series You Must be Present to Win is fabulous! The information is inspiring, practical but fun. Judy empowers people to take a chance to live even better. I love the Soul Food!” Isabel Maples, MEd, RD

Judy’s writing is clever, creative and fresh. Great word selection and tone!” inTEAM Associates, LLC

I really enjoyed having you present to our group. The evaluations are overwhelmingly positive.Your information and presentation style really resonated with the group.” Terri Verason, MS, RD, Dairy Council of Arizona

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