Imagine cooking dinners with friends from the comfort of your kitchen

Join a culinary dietitian for live online cooking classes in real time.

You’ve done this a million times. Cooked dinner. But you’re stuck in a dinner rut. Bored with the same humdrum meals. You feel uninspired and dread the daily chore. You...
  • are bored with uninspired food.
  • feel isolated but want to have some fun and meet new people.
  • aren't good at planning and want someone to figure out the menu.
  • can't get the timing down so everything is done at the same time.
  • struggle to use spices and build flavor.
Imagine cooking dinners with friends...meals that are as beautiful as they are flavorful and as fast as they are healthyish. Sound fun?

How would it feel to do something special for yourself?

  • Enjoy quick-to-fix, flavorful, inspiring meals.
  • Intentionally connect with others around the table.
  • Get out of your dinner rut with fresh, new, healthful recipes.
  • Gain cooking and creative confidence.
  • Stock your kitchen with better-for-you food.

What to Expect

Two live cooking class per month. Whether you're a novice or a ninja, we cook together in real time, then we eat together. I give tips, answer questions, and boost your kitchen confidence so you enjoy a fun dinner.
A culinary dietitian, coaching you with thoughtfully curated, absolutely doable weeknight meals that take the stress and guesswork out of dinner planning and grocery shopping,with your health in mind.
We connect with others. You've mastered Zoom, so let's have fun with it! People ❤️ the social connections. You'll meet new people to share ideas and laughter, talk about books and travel, and more!
Healthful recipes. We make fresh, new recipes that feed your digestion, brain and heart, deliciously. You’ll receive the recipe a week before class so you're ready, but no cooking ahead, we do that in class.
What if...

What if you had a roster of tried and true recipes endorsed by a culinary dietitian that you can easily make on busy weeknights or serve to family and friends?

What if your kitchen was filled with people to cook with, laugh with, and eat with in a virtual party?

What if you had the answer to the dreaded 'What’s for Dinner' question? I take care of the menu, so you can cook along and have fun with the others.

Let’s be real here, when you cook better, you eat better. If you’re like most people, you know this, but are you doing it?

But you know what? Healthy does not mean boring. As an award-winning registered dietitian, with a master’s degree in food science and human nutrition, I get it!

You don’t need another meatloaf recipe. You want more plant-forward foods to feel lighter and give you more energy. Meals you can confidently bring to the table with peace of mind that you've got each other’s backs. Recipes that will trickle out into the other days of the week.

Food that brings a smile to your face. ☺️

That gives you energy to play with your grandkids. 🥰

That improves your sleep because everything is better when you sleep well.😴

So you are aligned with what you know and how you want to live.😎

Sally and Jim are cooking together. She wants him to be able to cook for himself. He's more comfortable in the kitchen and his knife skills are better than hers now!

Proudly featured in


Who am I?

I'm Judy and I love food! Even more, I’ve been playing with food forEVER!

I've spoken to thousands of people at dozens of conferences and webinars across the United States.

But this woman’s comment changed my life.

“Thank you for making it OK to eat.”

After I finished speaking, she approached the stage and thanked me for making it OK to eat.

That single statement led me to my passion to help people navigate healthier eating. I have dedicated myself to taking the confusion out of healthier eating. To make eating pleasurable, enjoyable, fun, and good-for-me and you!

It seems to be working. My recipes and recommendations have been featured on, NBCNews,,,,,,,,,,, and

With Dinner Date, you’re not buying one-time results; you’re feeding your soul and nourishing your body so that you can live your best life to do the things you truly want to do.
For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.

Dinner Date recipes: Turkey bean soup + Cornbread, Chicken schwarma, Greek salad, Nicoise salad

2 plates with chicken with rice and creamy yogurt sauce
Greek Salad with Beans and Tuna recipe | Marinate the beans and tuna in the dressing for 15 minutes or overnight, however much time you have works. Then pour the every-bite-has-flavor ingredients over lettuce.
plate of tuna, green beans, potatoes
If that question gives you a sinking feeling, then you need this class.

Boost your kitchen confidence in twice a month cooking classes with your health in mind.

  • We cook together. Whether you're a novice or a ninja, we cook together in real time, step by step, so everything is ready at the same time.
  • We connect with others. You've mastered Zoom, so let's have fun with it! People ❤️ the social connections. In Dinner Date you'll meet new people to share ideas and laughter, talk about books and travel, and more! Students enjoy that we end class talking over dinner.
  • We make fresh, new recipes that feed your brain and heart, deliciously. You’ll receive the recipe a week before class so you're ready, but no cooking ahead, we do that in class.
  • Twice monthly live cooking classes. In your own kitchen (I’m in my kitchen, you’re in yours) to cook together in real time so I can give you tips and feedback, answer your questions, so you can boost your kitchen confidence and enjoy a fun dinner.


If you've ever wished for?

A culinary dietitian, coaching you along with thoughtfully curated, absolutely doable weeknight meals that take the stress and guesswork out of dinner planning, grocery shopping, and ingredient prep with your health in mind.

  • Someone to take the confusion out of healthier eating.
  • Connect, learn, and laugh with interesting people.
  • Help breaking out of boring food with deliciously inspired, healthful meals.
  • Stock up on better-for-you food.
  • Gain cooking confidence.
TADA! It's Dinner Date!!
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Fun, witty, attentive, you are the perfect teacher! It's so fun to meet new people and I love the nutrition tips and food ideas.
I love your classes! Dinner Date gives me something to look forward to. I always have food from your classes in my fridge.
We've taken other classes with really complicated recipes. But we make Dinner Date recipes over and over!
We like the people and the food. We've made many recipes again.

Dinner Date is a twice monthly interactive, online cooking class membership.

>>From comfort foods and lighter, healthful fare to one-pot meals and globally inspired dishes, we cook a range of flavors, cuisine types, and cooking methods.

>>Some classes have your health in mind, but the food just doesn't inspire. Others may taste good but use spoonfuls of sugar and boatloads of butter. I keep your health and tastebuds in mind.

>>I'm a culinary dietitian who serves up recipes that support heart, brain and digestive health. We cook with lean protein, whole grains, vegetables, and spices that also pass the taste test. The same recipes that are published in top magazines!

>>Cooking classes allow me to teach you how to make foods that are good for you, taste good. This is the best way for me to practice nutrition education!

>>We have a small group so we can see each other, hear each other, and talk to each other.

>>Dinner Date is hands on cooking and forks to the plate eating. Sorry that you have to do the dishes, but no need to vacuum before company arrives!

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Dinner Date members enjoy delicious, healthful dinners and fun connections!

"These cooking classes are really fun! I learned new healthy, quick recipes that are easy to get on the table. As we cooked, Judy explains the benefits of foods which helps me make better choices when shopping and meal planning."

Join Dinner Date in 3 easy steps

  • Step 1 sign up and pay via PayPal or your credit card. You’ll be directed to a welcome page on the LiveBest website.
  • Step 2 I’ll send you the password to the password protected page. There you’ll find links for the upcoming recipes, Zoom call link and instructions to set up Zoom.
  • Step 3 Pick up groceries on your next shopping trip then grab your apron!

As an award-winning registered dietitian, I know you want food that energizes you. I spread the pixie dust to make that happen!

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Interactive, intimate, inspirational, that's Dinner Date!

Students tell me they want more healthful recipes. They want flavorful food. They want more vegetables. So we cook recipes with more fiber, lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables. The same recipes that are published in top magazines such as Prevention, Reader’s Digest, The Healthy, Shape, Men’s Fitness, and NBCNews.

As a culinary dietitian, I love helping people eat delicious food but I got tired of seeing people get stuck in a dinner rut and struggle with foods that made them feel guilty. So I created online cooking classes to help people feel more confident and make more empowering food choices while connecting with other home cooks.

I grew up with fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy. I even won a blue ribbon at the fair for my brownies. I love delicious food and cooking. Then I started gaining weight. In college I studied food science and nutrition but that's kind of boring, let's be straight. I wanted to make food fun so people could live stronger, longer. And that's what my recipes and online classes do.

As the author of Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest, Simple Solutions for Fresh Food & Well -Being, I'm a health champion who teaches you how to solve the dinner dilemma, deliciously. Using everyday ingredients, I help take your food from DRAB to FAB while enjoying wholesome, nourishing meals. This dinner refresh boosts your kitchen confidence without having to leave home. Completely online, in real time – it’s a virtual cooking class!

Now I want to help you!

We've made tzatziki, Asian chicken salad, fish tacos, salmon with caramelized grapes, and breakfast for dinner!

bowl of tzatziki
bowl of asian chicken salad with red cabbage and carrots
3 Fish Tacos
salmon fillet with caramelized grapes on fresh spinach

As a culinary dietitian, I share my love of food in intimate, interactive classes.

With all this experience, I see people...

Striving for better. Susan is a fitness instructor. She wanted easy meals with health benefits. Sally wanted more healthful recipes (better carbs, more vegetables and fish) without spending more time in the kitchen.

They both want healthier foods that are fast and easy. They were tired of the same things and wanted more variety.

They were...

>Looking for quick solutions
There’s more to life than a bowl of popcorn. Popcorn may be quick and easy, but is that really what you want your go-to recipe to be? No thanks, Orville!

>Overwhelmed with choices. I get it! There’s Pinterest and Instagram. Magazines and books. Videos and courses. So many options! I know because I’ve looked at other programs and recipes. Too much sugar and fat. The recipe isn’t worth the calories. Or healthyish but boring. They have foods that have better-for-you ingredients, but they leave you unsatisfied and uninspired. As a culinary dietitian, I combine my love affair with food with the science of nutrition. I cook with foods that deliver healthful benefits, deliciously, so that I live stronger, longer. And that’s what we cook in Dinner Date.

>Feeling isolated. Many of us are feeling disconnected. We’re not going out like we used to. We’re not meeting with friends for dinner and drinks. We’re not in conversations like we're used to. You know, the ones, where we really connect with one another.

Linda likes to cook. She is single and was feeling isolated. She says the classes give her something to look forward to. So one of her cats may make an appearance when we meet up! Linda’s not alone. Every. Single. Person. who’s taken a class thought it was fun to meet people and cook together. Carmen said it was so fun to cook together rather than watch someone else cook. One night Carmen wasn’t able to cook, so she poured a glass of wine to watch, talk and cheer us on.

> You may know how to cook. If you’re like many people, you know your way around the kitchen. In Dinner Date, some are experienced cooks who like learning to use new ingredients, who want to try new recipes, who want to get out of their dinner rut, and who want to bump up the health factor. Some aren't quite as comfortable, but that's OK.

Not all cooking classes talk about fiber and digestive health 😉 but that’s what you get with a culinary dietitian.

That’s what makes Dinner Date membership different!

As a dietitian, I know the rubber meets the road at the grocery store. How you fill your cart is how you’ll eat. I help you stock your kitchen with healthier foods, and I show you how to use them like in a Thai Squash Soup, Caramelized Grapes and Salmon, and Asian Chicken Salad.

As a nutrition educator I share food storage and food safety tips. I sprinkle our classes with the what, the why and the how.

Did you know red cabbage has 6 times the beneficial plant compounds than green cabbage? Yep.

If you want fresh weeknight meals to help you live life on the lighter side, to learn new tricks, become a better cook, and have fun, Dinner Date is for you.

You don't need to know how to cook to succeed in Dinner Date

But maybe you’re wondering…

What if I’m not a good cook?
Knock on wood, no one has had to order pizza from a class failure! Seriously, I’ve taught people to bake cornbread who have only baked a frozen store-bought version. People cut whole fresh pineapples. Some have never cooked fish. Wherever you are on your cooking journey, I meet you there. The bottom line is you don’t have to know how to cook to succeed in Dinner Date.

What if I can’t make the class? I know schedules change and events come up. Classes are recorded so you can catch up within the month.

I’m not very tech savvy. If you can send and open an email, you’re good. I send an email with the recipe, ingredients and Zoom link. It’s best if you set up your computer or phone in the kitchen so we can see and hear each other. That way I can catch you if you stumble. We use Zoom, a user-friendly free app. I provide instructions on how to do it. We can do a one-on-one practice if you need it.

Christine is a seasoned health professional but was prediabetic. She was trying to reduce her risk of disease progression. She took the time to learn, showed up in in class each week, she asked questions, and participated in Dinner Date community. She learned cooking techniques, how to cook vegetables and whole grains and is confident with her skills to continue improving her health.

Linda has always loved cooking and trying new foods. She is retired and found she wanted to connect with people and have fun. She says she always has some Dinner Date food in her fridge, but more, she has fun in class and shares her interest in movies, travel and book binding with the rest of us.

Sally wanted her husband to be able to cook for himself. He's much more confident in the kitchen from what he's learned in Dinner Date.

Now it’s your turn!


You do NOT need

  • Great cooking skills
  • High-end equipment
  • To spend all day in the kitchen

Truly, this is where the fun stuff happens!

"Even though it’s Dinner Date, our lunches are better than ever!"
"So fun to cook along, rather than watch someone else cook."
"It's great to see everyone!"

If you’re craving some connection and good food, this is the class for you. If you want to learn techniques to help you fly, sign up now.

What will you get in Dinner Date?

For just a $60 monthly membership

I created Dinner Date to provide a place to have fun, learn a new skill, minimize weight gain, enjoy people, and have a conversation.

My secret power is hospitality. I LOVE to bring people together around the table. Small dinners where you actually get to talk and listen to people. To share stories of our favorite travels. To share the books were reading and movies we’re watching. To share the best thing that happened today. To hear how grandparents are reading to their granddaughters over Zoom. To hear about a favorite restaurant.

  • Two live cooking classes per month

    Cook along with a food loving registered dietitian. We meet two Thursdays a month via Zoom to cook together in real time.

  • Connection and conversation

    We reap the benefits of social connections as we interact with each other to cook, eat, and talk.

  • Healthful recipes and ingredients

    You'll stock up on better-for-you foods with recipes you'll make again. Emphasis on foods to improve digestion, blood pressure, and brain and heart health.

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"Judy is so welcoming! As a novice cook, it feels like she’s right there in your kitchen guiding you step-by-step to tasty, creative healthy dinners."

Her recipes are delicious which is perfect, as we all want to be healthier and enjoy what we eat.

I love the tidbits she shares about which foods are more nutritious.

A bonus is that we get to meet and socialize with other people from all across the country!"

People come for the recipes but stay for the FUN

From beginner cooks to seasoned ones, I teach people to crush dinner with deliciously healthful food.

You don't need cooking skills or high-end equipment. Christina cut her first avocado while Mary Ann served a class recipe at a dinner party.

As an award-winning registered dietitian, with a master’s degree in food science and human nutrition, I know you want food that energizes you.

Students tell me they want more healthful recipes. They want more vegetables. I answer the call! We cook recipes with more fiber, lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables that also pass the taste test. The same recipes that are published in top magazines!

I'm a health champion who helps you eat better to feel better inside and out. I teach you how to solve the dinner dilemma, deliciously, using everyday ingredients to take your food from DRAB to FAB and enjoy wholesome, nourishing meals.

This dinner refresh boosts your kitchen confidence without having to leave home. Completely online, in real time – it’s a virtual cooking class!

So how do we make it happen for you?

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Jim and Sally are learning together for long term impact!

Jim practiced law and now he’s practicing his knife skills. Susan’s a skilled cook, but her husband Jim was a novice. They’ve enjoyed the classes and now cook together. But more, Jim has learned how to cook for himself should something happen to Sally.

Besides the knife skills, they’ve made a vinaigrette, toasted nuts, poached chicken, baked fish, and roasted peppers. They’re enjoying Asian flavors and Mexican food. But more, they’re eating more vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein with the intent to live stronger, longer together.

In Dinner Date we savor food and friends

Join Dinner Date cooking club to get:

● Two live cooking classes a month. We use Zoom so we can hear and see each other. If you stumble, I catch you. If you need an ingredient substitution, we trouble shoot. We meet every other Thursday to cook together online in real time. If you can’t make it, we’ll still set a place for you; but you’ll get a replay so you can catch up within the month. You'll need a computer or phone in the kitchen with video so we can see and hear each other. Best to have it propped up rather than laying flat.

● Connection and conversation. Others are cooking along in their kitchens. We laugh, sip, taste, and share. Just like at home, after we cook, we eat together. Since our dinner ends with conversation, this may not appeal to kids, so the class is best for singles or couples.

● Dietitian-approved recipes. I share my tips and tricks for getting health and deliciousness on the same fork! Recipes for the month are posted on the website so you can shop at your convenience

● Healthful recipes and ingredients. We enjoy plant-forward meals that are heart healthy, brain friendly, and improve digestion and blood pressure. I incorporate a Mediterranean Diet and Mind Diet philosophy, but am a flexitarian. You’ll stock up on better-for-you foods with recipes you’ll make again and again. I try to boost vegetables, lean protein and fiber. Some of the class favorites are shrimp tacos with pineapple salsa, black bean stuffed peppers, and chicken schwarma.

● No special equipment. We use knives, cutting boards, pots and pans, food thermometer and measuring spoons. I give a list of equipment we'll be using in class, but it's pretty flexible. The bottom line is that we don't use a lot of special equipment.

● Cooking in real time. You should have ingredients handy, but we cook together in real time. That means we shred carrots, rinse beans, toast nuts together in class. So no cooking ahead.

++PLUS access to 4-week crush dinner bootcamp ($127 value)++

People come for the recipes, but stay for the fun! Interested? The next step is to sign up so you can enjoy some delish and nutrish!

In Dinner Date you get fun and social connection. We literally bake and break bread together. We share travel tips, restaurant, movie and book recommendations, wine suggestions, and more.

In Dinner Date you get tried and true recipes you can confidently serve to friends and family. You may think you’re not a good cook, but image carrying a platter of shrimp tacos with pineapple salsa out to your friends. That’s what Mary Anne did. Sally served a butternut squash ravioli with browned sage butter for her husband’s birthday party.

You may not know how to cook. Christina cut her first avocado in class. The bottom line is you don't need cooking skills or high-end equipment.

Or you may be a seasoned cook. Lots of class members have been cooking for years, but they’re having fun trying new ingredients and recipes.

You prefer to make reservations than dinner? Come for the company!

Ashley, Linda, Mary Anne, Sally, Tom, and Susan are more confident at the grocery store because they know the foods to choose to boost their health.

Interested? The next step is to reserve your seat at the table!


Be sure Dinner Date is a right fit for you.
Come join us in the kitchen. If it's not the right fit for you, you may cancel at any time.

Just a brief interview to get a feel for your temperature and why it's not your thing and you can hang up your apron.

*Please read the terms and conditions for details.

Classes are Thursdays at 5:00 MST

We connect via Zoom so you're in your kitchen and I'm in mine

By now you’re wondering... Is Dinner Date Membership right for me?
It’s a good fit if:

  • You want to play with your food.

    If you are a reluctant eater, this may not be the best fit. But if you want to up your spice and vegetable game, you’re in the right spot. Each class is a new recipe so you will be buying food for the class. I use ingredients over again, but if your budget is tight, you may not be comfortable. Foods are found in neighborhood supermarkets and chains. Frozen fish, Thai curry paste, rice vinegar, dried spices, fresh vegetables and fruits are examples of some of the foods we cook with.

  • You want to play with others. You’re ready to have fun and meet new people

    You’re willing to spend time in the kitchen. This is a cooking class, afterall. Classes run 1.5 -2 hours which includes welcome, cooking, and dinner.

  • Your interested in learning.

    I strive to make the classes fun and interactive. The format is casual and relaxed. This isn’t a lecture, but I do share nutrition tips, food selection and storage tips.

But this may not before you if…

You’re on a restricted diet.
Dinner Date has a health focus but is not sodium-, dairy-, or animal-free. I can accommodate some substitutions, but we cook a variety of foods. The recipes are plant forward, but are not vegetarian or vegan. If you know you are allergic to certain foods, it is up to you to avoid them, but I’ll help you find a replacement.

If you don’t like to try new foods.
Dinner Daters like to experiment. They've enjoyed Asian, Italian, French, and Greek food. The goal is to nudge you to try more variety in your diet which includes whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

You’re looking for private nutrition counseling
I am a registered dietitian, but I am not able to provide individual nutrition counseling.

You’re just a click away from food and fun!

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A big reason I live the lifestyle I do is to fend off my genes! My family tree looks like a Charlie Brown tree.

I know the consequence of less than healthy eating. Overcoming my family tree is why I want to eat well. It’s another reason why I created Dinner Date.

Name a chronic disease and I likely have it in my family. Heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke, cancer…

But I know my kitchen (and yours) is a road to health and how you fill your fork is all about eating well!

And here’s the biggie… what does your family tree look like? What will your life look like in 6 months…or a year…if you stay on the same path? Maybe you’ll still be in a dinner rut. Maybe you’ll be eating foods that don't protect your health. Maybe you’ll be wishing for more.

You know when the Check Engine Light comes on in your car...

● Most of us ignore it and say, nah, it’ll be fine. Because we don’t want to take time, don’t know who to call or how to fix it.

● Sometimes you don’t know your engine is having a problem UNTIL the check engine light comes on. We may have low energy, feel sluggish, irritable, confused, hungry for good food.


I believe Dinner Date can delay the light coming on!

I’m here to hand you a solution
I don’t mean to brag but people describe my food as:

Like gourmet spa food.

Deep down, are you ready for a change? Are you ready to say “YES” to you?

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Now imagine enjoying what you cook. Sharing a meal with friends.

Kathleen said: “I tried delicious new foods. So much fun changing up our meals!"

Within minutes of going Dinner Date you will get 4 recorded cooking classes with dinner solutions you can cook as soon as you want. These are the same tried-and-true recipes I make. I know they will help you immediately boost flavor and healthful dividends.

Within a few months you’ll...

Have a repertoire of tried-and-true recipes to make again and again. Dishes you can confidently serve to friends and family.

Your kitchen will be stocked with better-for-you foods and you'll know what to do with them.

You'll be using your knife like a samarai.

And you may just pick up some new friends along the way 😉

“I tried delicious new foods. So much fun changing up our meals!"

I help empty nesters connect over dinner with flavorful recipes in fun, live, virtual cooking classes.

You may consider yourself a kitchen novice. You feel you lack skill, have weak knowledge of ingredients, equipment and technique, but you want to make something that tastes good.

You may be bored with what you’re cooking. Sure, you can get dinner on the table, but you’ve run out of ideas. You crave dinner inspiration and fun new recipes.

You may know how to cook but want to hang out with new people.
So you can enjoy a Dinner Date at home, alone with friends.

Like Linda…
Linda likes to experiment with different foods and knows her way around the kitchen and ethnic markets. She loves to travel and recreate foods at home. But she wanted to meet new people and feel connected. Plus she wanted to add a bit more “health” to her recipes. She says Dinner Date gives her something to look forward to.

Susan wasn’t confident about her cooking skills. She was reluctant to try new foods. She’d never cooked fish, but she mastered that!

Ashley likes to experiment with food but wanted easy meals while improving her skills.

Ready to join them?
Sign up here and meet me in the kitchen!

Join Dinner Date

Join now and instantly access all this!

✅ Live Dinner Date cooking classes (2 per month) to build your repertoire of tried and true recipes.

✅ Connection to our cooking partners for fun conversation about travel, movies, books, current events.

✅ Unlimited access to 4 recorded Crush Dinner Bootcamp.

✅ Delish and Nutrish Breakfast ideas to add pizzazz to your morning meal.

✅ Drab to Fab flavor boosting tip sheet. Taste is the biggest driver in why we choose the food we do. Use these ideas to take your food to a higher level.

✅ LiveBest equipment and tools list. When you have the right tools it makes cooking easier. I’m a home cook, not a chef, these are the kitchen tools I use in my own kitchen.

✅ Meal Planning worksheet. Use this template to set your focus for the week. It helps form your shopping list which saves time and money at the store. It helps you recognize the foods you may have on hand that you can use this week.

I am confident that you won’t find another program like Dinner Date because the focus is on helping you have some fun, your wellness, and your community.

I am proud of Dinner Date.

As a culinary dietitian, this is my way of helping others live stronger, longer. To help people enjoy the benefits and deliciousness of healthier eating. It’s also a way to gather around the table and share stories and laughter. I know I am making a difference in the lives of Dinner Date members. How? They tell me.

➾They tell me it’s fun.
➾They thank me for teaching them how to eat better.
➾They tell me their cooking skills have improved.
➾They are planning to meet up outside class.

If you are interested in taking the next step, join us today to get started. Hope to see you soon!


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