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fresh food cooking with a culinary dietitian

What's for dinner? If that question gives you a sinking feeling, then you need this class.
Are you in a dinner rut? Bored with the same old casserole you've made 27 times? Do you struggle to get everything on the table at the same time?

LET'S DO IT TOGETHER! Many warm memories are rooted in sharing food with others. This is not another livestream cooking class.

We make flavorful dinners that you can make again and again and confidently serve to family and friends, all in the comfort of your kitchen as we cook and chat with fellow participants.

Then pull up a chair and enjoy your dinner as we sit down and eat together, virtually. You still have to do the dishes, but leave the menu planning to me, a culinary dietitian!

Deliciously healthful dinners
you want and need

Led live, online by dietitian Judy Barbe.
Create meals right in your own kitchen.

Let's get cooking

Next class Monday, May 23, 5:00 pm MST, 6:00 PM, CST

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Tickle your Tastebuds.
in an evening of food, flavor, and fun!

We'll cook together to make one fan favorite dish from start to finish in 60 minutes.

Cook along with me to make delicious and healthy food fast. We'll prepare a light and flavorful salmon dinner. All in the comfort of your kitchen as we cook and chat with each other. Then pull up a chair, grab your fork and enjoy your dinner as we all eat together, virtually.

Join me to whip up this tried and true recipe you can replicate over and over. We prep, cook, and eat all in one 60-minute session.

Food. Flavor. Fun.
Next class Monday, May 23, 5:00 pm MST, 6:00 PM, CST

One-pan salmon with tender tomato and spinach plus an easy orange salad. Restaurant quality dinner in your own kitchen!

Packed with healthy fats, lean protein and beneficial plant compounds, but more, "this is SO good!" said Peter R.

plate with cooked tomatoes and spina cover salmon
I'm ready to cook

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Do something special for yourself!
  • Enjoy a quick-to-fix, flavorful, inspiring meal
  • Get out of your rut with a fresh, new, healthful recipe
  • Gain cooking and creativity confidence
  • Stock your kitchen with better-for-you food
  • Intentionally connect with others

Class details

Cook with Judy is just $27!

  • We cook together

    Whether you're a novice or a ninja, we cook together in real time, then we eat together.

  • Fresh recipes

    Everything comes together on time with tried and true flavorful recipes that feed your brain and heart, deliciously.

How do classes work?

  • No cooking ahead

    You’ll receive the recipe with plenty of time to get the ingredients. But no cooking or prepping ahead, we do everything in class.

  • We connect with others

    You've mastered Zoom, so let's have fun with it! With your computer in the kitchen, we see and hear each other.

FAQs Answers
  • Classes are held via Zoom. An easy and free app.
  • The Zoom link and instructions will be sent in a confirmation email after you complete registration.
  • Ingredient and equipment list will be provided in a confirmation email after you sign up for class .
  • Replay link will be shared after class in case you can't make it live as well as to help you make the recipe again.
  • Prefer the camera ON - it's more fun when we can see and hear each other.
  • No need to talk if you're on the quiet side, but I'm here for questions or explanations.
  • Recipes are not sodium-, dairy-, or animal, or dairy-free. If you know you are sensitive to certain foods, it is up to you to avoid them, but I can help you find a substitution.
Take a peek inside a class. They're casual, interactive, and fun!

Students love the classes!

  • “Ms. LiveBest, Judy Barbe, shares her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. Her classes are fun and helpful. We’ve taken classes around the world, but hers are the recipes that we’re making again and again. We look forward to more classes.”


  • “Thank you for a great class! It was fun and tasted wonderful! I will definitely fix that again. My husband also really liked it!”


  • “Thanks for adding such fun and nutrition to our lives! I look forward to more fun classes with you!”

    -Mary Anne

  • “I felt lighter after the CRUSH Dinner Bootcamp. The meals were satisfying and I just felt better!”


  • “We are making your recipes again and again! We have taken classes with such complicated recipes that I have not made them since.”


You do NOT need:

  • great cooking skills.
  • high-end equipment,
  • special ingredients, or
  • to spend all day in the kitchen.

I'll be by your side to say goodbye to boring food, boost your kitchen confidence, and have fun hanging out with others.

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