Stuck in a dinner rut?

Explore new flavors, new cooking techniques, and new skills that'll turn your humdrum 30-year old recipes into inspired recipes bursting with flavor!

Join Dinner Refresh so you can start cooking better. And eating better. Today.

I'm ready to cook!

Dinner Refresh is a 4-part online step-by-step cooking class series led by a culinary dietitian.
We'll transform your dinners into delicious
plant-forward meals that are bursting with flavor.

Get ready to...
✓Enjoy quick-to-make, flavorful, and inspiring meals

✓Harness the power of your spice rack and expand your culinary horizons

✓Master timing so everything is ready at the same time
✓Finally have healthy recipes that you don't have to think about
✓Stock your kitchen with food what will make you feel energized and satisfied

Fish Tacos, yogurt chipotle crema, pickled onion = Yum!
    "After making fish tacos with Judy, we confidently served them to our friends!
    It was easy and they loved it!!"
    Tammy B.

    Dinner Refresh Menu...

    Sweet Potato Nachos on baking sheet


    A plant-forward meal where we practice knife skills, talk healthier ingredients, seasonings, and fun flavors with Sweet Potato Nachos. Good to the last little bean!


    Fold your tortilla around some delish and nutrish ingredients like…fish tacos with pickled onions, cabbage, and yogurt chipotle crema.

    3 Fish Tacos
    plate of herbed chicken with cooked tomatoes and kalamate olive over lettuce and cucumbers


    By the end of this class, you’ll enjoy a power-packed fork with spinach & blistered tomatoes. Healthy fats, fiber, and so good, you may want to lick the plate.


    By the end of class, you've perfected a Mediterranean Power Bowl. PLUS, you’ll know the “who, what, when, and why” to make nutrient-rich meals over and over again AND have a lot more answers to “What’s For Dinner?”

    "We love that Judy chooses the menu and we follow along. We know we're making something good that is easy to cook and fun to eat!!"
    Marilyn C.

    What's for Dinner?

    Does that question give you a sinking feeling every time you hear it? Does thinking about what to cook for dinner cause you stress night after night?

    Are you stuck in a dinner rut? Bored with the same meals you feel you've made 347 times?

    Do you want to live stronger, longer, feeling healthier and energized?

    Then let's do it together in my Dinner Refresh 4-part on-demand cooking class series!

    I'm Judy, an award-winning culinary dietitian, and I love helping people, just like you, learn to make fast, easy, and healthy meals that they enjoy.

    I created these classes to provide healthful inspiration and to help baby boomers become more confident cooks. I take the stress and guesswork out of dinner with menu planning, grocery shopping, and ingredient prep into doable weekly meals in the convenience of your own home.

    >>You’ll enjoy more plant-based foods you actually want to eat and can confidently serve to family and friends.

    >>You'll make recipes with lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables that not only look good but taste good, too! The same recipes that have been featured on, Prevention, Better Homes and Gardens, and The Healthy.

    Using everyday ingredients, finally take your food from DRAB to FAB and create fabulous flavor combinations that bring excitement back to dinner without having to leave home.
    Completely online, it’s a virtual cooking class you can take whenever it suits your schedule!


    Here's what you get when you buy Dinner Refresh

    Dinner Refresh is just $49!

    You’ll get four weeks of on-demand videos which includes:

    • Us cooking together

      Whether you're a novice or a ninja, we cook together in real time. Just press PLAY and I'll be right there with you to guide you to grab your ingredients , grab your tools and what to do step-by-step.

    • 4, 1-hour or less cooking classes

      In our own kitchens (I’m in mine, you’re in yours). Just press PLAY and we'll start making new, yummy recipes to make dinner fun together.

    The classes are recorded, so if you’re traveling or have a conflict one week, no problem, you can catch up later. Simple as that!

    How do the virtual classes work?

    • At your convenience

      Each week one class is delivered straight to your Inbox so you can cook that week's recipe along with me. You'll have continued access to the video so you can make this recipe over and over again whenever suits you.

    • Fresh recipes

      A weekly recipe that feed your brain and heart, deliciously. Each week you’ll receive the recipe and equipment list. But no cooking or preparing ahead of time, we do all of it in class together.

    Students love the class!

    • “Ms. LiveBest, Judy Barbe, shares her knowledge and enthusiasm with her students. Her classes are fun and helpful. We’ve taken classes around the world, but hers are the recipes that we’re making again and again. We look forward to more classes.”


    • “Thank you for a great class! It was fun and tasted wonderful! I will definitely fix that again. My husband also really liked it!”


    • “Thanks for adding such fun and nutrition to our lives! We look forward to more fun classes with you!”

      -Mary Anne

    • “I felt lighter after the Dinner Refresh classes. The meals were satisfying and I just felt better!”


    • “We are making your recipes again and again! We have taken classes with such complicated recipes that I have not made them since.”


    • “We love that Judy chooses the menu and we don't have to think about it!!”


    You do NOT need:

    • great cooking skills because I'm going to walk through the steps.
    • high-end equipment because I'll show you how to use what you likely already have,
    • special ingredients, because I'll show you how to use what's already in your spice rack, or
    • to spend all day in the kitchen because all of these meals are ready in about 30 minutes and we do all the prep and cooking in class.

    I've looked at other programs. Some have your health in mind, but the food just doesn't inspire. Others use too much sugar and butter. I do it with your health and tastebuds in mind.

    Truly, this is where the fun stuff happens!

    Join me on this culinary journey to help you get a handle on your cooking skills and transform the way you cook.

    4 weeks of healthful recipes, nutrition tidbits, cooking tips, and taste for only $49! Join today and I'll meet you in your kitchen

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