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Your 6-Week Guide to LiveBest
Simple Solutions for Fresh Food & Well-Being

A healthy lifestyle book that helps you track goals, make progress and eat better for a healthier, happier, stronger you!

Filled with more than 100 unique, flavorful recipes that will have you eating healthier in no time!
Checklists, assessments, tracking tools, and MORE to help you take back control of your health.

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In just 6-weeks, you'll...

Enjoy delicious, inspiring, nourishing food
Feed your soul to reclaim your better self
Create routines to feel more calm, less frazzled
Wake up refreshed from a good night's sleep
Find physical activity that you enjoy and will stick with
Lower your risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease
Develop habits that stick with simple techniques
Feel calmer, stronger, and more fulfilled
Live your life better, your way… intentionally!

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Build your skills week by week.
Focus on soul food. to increase well being.
Boost your energy with healthy inspiration.


Your 6-week roadmap to eating better, feeling happier, and rebooting your health goals!

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Week 1


Week 1

✓ Set your LiveBest goals
✓ Time saving cooking solutions

Week 2


Week 2

✓ Yes to more vegetables & fruit
✓ Drab to fab flavor techniques

Week 3


Week 3

✓ Power-Up with Protein
✓ Quick Breakfast Solutions

Week 4


Week 4

✓ Power-packed dairy ideas
✓ Decode the nutrition label

Week 5


Week 5

✓ Better-for-you grains
✓ Living better intentionally

Week 6


Week 6

✓ Focus on physical fun
✓ Enjoy a good night's sleep

My aim is to deliver an easy-to-follow book with actionable steps that set you up for success to live stronger, longer.

What you put on your fork gives you the energy to maintain your get-up-and-go.
My book helps you develop better lifestyle habits and become a more confident cook with great new recipes so your not stuck with the same boring food day after day.

That means you end up feeling more energetic, more productive, and more positive. Yeah, daily choices are that powerful!

I help you stop the struggle.
Find solutions that work for you so that you live stronger and healthier.
Feed your soul and nourish your body so that you can live your life with energy to do the things you love.

I'm Judy, an author and culinary registered dietitian.

I've spoken to thousands of people who want to bring back the zest in their life.

But this woman’s words changed my life.
“Thank you for making it OK to eat.”

After I finished speaking, she approached the stage and thanked me for making it OK to eat. That single statement led me to my passion of helping people live stronger, longer. I dedicated myself to taking the confusion and guilt out of eating. Eating should be pleasurable, enjoyable, and deliver healthful benefits! But there's more to living with vitality than food alone. Well-being includes exercise, sleep and how we feed our soul.
Judy holding book Your 6-week guide to LiveBest
There's probably a thing or two you want to tweak about yourself, right? Maybe you've gained a few extra pounds, you're not sleeping as well as you used to, or you're not moving as much as you want.

With my 6-week Guide to LiveBest , you’re enjoying delicious food, restful sleep, and activity you like to do. You're feeding your soul, improving your well-being, and nourishing your body so that you can live your life to do the things you truly want to do.

For. The. Rest. Of. Your. Life.

What others are saying:

  • “If you think this is nutrition advice, you couldn’t be more wrong, this is about living a richer life that tastes sooo good.”


  • “My heartfelt thanks! I’ve lost 12 pounds and more than an inch from my waist. Best of all, I was able to stop my blood pressure medication! I’ve had fun changing up our meals with delicious new foods! I appreciate the scientific information and the practical advice.”


  • “I have learned so much and am making changes (shopping, cooking, eating, and soul food!!). Still have progress to make but you have provided me the practical knowledge and tools to make that happen. Thanks so much!”


  • “I love this book. I feel better and am more positive about my food choices. I enjoy more foods and my sone is tracking along with me!”


  • “This book helped me lose 40 pounds!”


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