MASTERCLASS: LiveBest 6-week on-demand recording


Ready to lighten up?

Looking for lasting lifestyle change? Want to live better? In just six weeks, you can develop the daily habits and simple systems that will help you thrive with the LiveBest Masterclass! I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t need a Ph.D. to live well.

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The LiveBest Masterclass is a lifestyle program that will show you how to create better routines, better habits, and better systems that will allow you to live stronger, longer.

Just in case you need it, I give you permission to make yourself a priority!

Why choose the 6-week LiveBest Masterclass?

To feel joy. To connect intentionally. To eat better. I know your life is busy and making change can be challenging. So, to help you stay on track, I deliver weekly programs to nudge you in the right direction. To give you, your brain and your tastebuds time to adapt. To have time to set goals and take steps that set you up for success. To inspire you to take the right road to LiveBest.

✅Enjoy delicious, nourishing food

✅Develop habits that stick with simple, proven techniques

✅Create routines to feel more confident and less frazzled

✅Wake up refreshed from a good night’s sleep

✅Find physical activity that you enjoy for life

✅Feed your should to reclaim your better self

✅Feel calmer, stronger, and fulfilled

✅Live your life better, intentionally