One of my favorite vacations: biking in Canada

VBT Quebec

So fun! Great time! Loved being outside!

Last year I went on one of my Best. Vacations. Ever.

A fun-filled VBT bicycle trip.

                                             On Day 2 of that trip I was already planning the next one.

Oh, Canada! We did it!

Bicycling in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, which are a large collection of small cities, towns and villages in southeastern Quebec. I partnered with VBT, a leader in active vacations and a Top Ten 2017 Travel + Leisure “World’s Best Award” winner, and they delivered another top-notch trip.

Remember as a kid how you used to play outside until it was dark? That’s how these bike trips make me feel. It is wonderful to not have to think or plan, just enjoy being outside. Lots of outdoor fun, but even better, it ends with dinner with smart people and good conversation.

Ahhh… Soul Food

Those who LiveBest, know soul food is big. This tour was filled with it! 😊

Covered bridge in eastern Canada

Isn’t this covered bridge cool?

  • Nature. Stress levels fall when you’re outside. We went free range to feel the sun on our faces (and a few rain drops), disconnect from our phones (except to take pictures), and relax (with a beverage).
    4 people on a bridge on Bike ride in Quebec

    Look! Bike riding makes you smile 😉

  • Laugh. Laughter is a huge energizer and stress reliever. When you hang out with fun people, it’s easy to laugh.
    Bike riding friends, VBT., photo by Judy Barbe,

    happy riders

  • Appreciate. The VBT guides, Mizael and Sonia, handled all the details. They loaded and unloaded bikes, filled water bottles, served yummy snacks, suggested local restaurants and reminded us to be where, when.
  • Connect. Limited to just 20 people the tour was small enough so that we had authentic conversations without distraction. Hello, digital detox!
  • Enjoy. We tasted maple syrup pie and local cheeses, watched sunsets, sipped cappuccino and wine, ate the sweetest local strawberries, rode through beautiful countryside, jumped in the water, and toasted a super fun trip at the farewell dinner.
  • Move. Bicycling is a great way to be active. Though some of the hills were steeper than we expected, it was terrific to be having fun. Every. Single. Day.
    a woman biking on a 2 lane road in eastern Canada, photo by Judy Barbe,

    Time for thinking when you’re pedaling

  • Seek. Shake it up and try something new. Not one of us had been to this region before.

 Here are some highlights

Rode through the Guthrie covered bridge. Built in 1888, it is the shortest covered bridge in Quebec, so it was a quick trip!

Toured Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac where Benedictine monks practice a life of contemplation based on prayer and farming in a remarkable 1912 Art Deco-style building. They also make heavenly cheese. 🧀

Benedictine monk cheese tray , Quebec

Abbaye Saint-Benoit-du-Lac cheese

Stopped at Magasin General in Frelighsburg for maple nut ice cream and maple syrup pie. If you like the filling of pecan pie, minus the pecans, this is your pie.

Stayed 3 night’s at the lovely RippleCove Hotel. On the shores of Lake Massawippi, the hotel was peaceful, and oh, so loverly!

chairs by the lake at RippleCove Inn, Quebec fun and favorites! Places to eat, things to do when you visit Quebec Canada.

RippleCove Inn, Quebec

Visited Bleu Lavande, a lavender farm where we smelled, tasted and learned about all-things lavender.

Bleu Lavander fields, Quebec, Canada

Bleu Lavande

Straddled the border in Stanstead. Situated on the border, Canusa (Canada-USA) Street is one of the few streets in the world where a national border corresponds to the street’s centerline.

2 feet on the street in Quebec, Canada, photo by Judy Barbe,

Straddling the road in eastern Canada

Rode through Georgeville, a lakeside village founded in 1797. This too-cute town has a delightful general store that sells pastries, wine and cheese. We agreed, this was a place to return.

If this sounds like your kind of trip, let me know. I’m planning about the next one!

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  1. Great review! We have a group signed up for next year in Quebec – can’t wait! Doing Slovenia in 2 weeks.

    1. Author

      Thanks! It was a great trip. Heard Slovenia was good – friends did that earlier this year. Ride on, Richard!

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