Honey Sesame Almonds with a hint of salt are a quick-to-fix. A great nibble, travel snack, or when company's coming.
This canned salmon with zucchini recipe is ready in less than 30 minutes. No zucchini!? No problem, use what you
French Toast recipe with a cozy, healthy twist from canned pumpkin and caramelized apples From the usual dripping in butter
Use convenience foods to build healthy fast food! Peanut Asian Rice Bowl is ready in less than 10 minutes.  Convenience foods
Enjoy the lovely flavor of peaches year round in baked oatmeal. Sweetness and spice, protein and fiber, this is good
 An easy sweet breakfast recipe. With less sugar and more protein and fiber, it's a healthy one, too  Are you in
Kefta is a flavorful, deliciously easy way to use a pound of hamburger! Oven-baked ground beef kebabs are oval meatballs
Easy oven-baked lemony crab cakes with avocado and mango salad is a burst of sunny, tropical flavor. Canned crab makes
Whipped feta is an easy-to-make dip, spread, and pasta topper! Whipped Feta Dip This is just one of those recipes
Poblano peppers stuffed with creamy black beans smothered in homemade enchilada sauce, a perfect plant-based meal! If I searched "Mexican