How to make sparkling gourmet ice cubes

Floral Ice Cubes

Flowers, herbs, berries…ice cubes are an easy way to pretty up margaritas, daiquiris, mojitos or non-alcoholic drinks. Pretty seems to taste better. These floral cubes are cool!!

Ice, ice, Baby.

A hot August day had me looking for some relief.

I found it in the garden and an ice cube tray.

Floral Ice Cubes

Well, more than flowers…

edible flowers, herbs and berries

berries, herbs and edible flowers for floral ice cubes

Floral Ice Cubes

How to make edible flower ice cubes

Gently rinse your leaves and berries with water. Place a sprig, leaf or flower face down in the ice cube tray. Pour just enough water in to hold it. Freeze for 30 minutes or so. Add more water, freeze. Depending on the size of the plant piece, you may do it in thirds to fill the ice cube tray.

Floral Ice Cubes

Johnny Jumps Ups, rose buds, lemon verbena floral ice cubes

This silicon-bottomed ice cube tray is what I use to make ice cubes. I like the small size, but more, I like the flexible bottom that makes popping out a cube super easy.

ice cube tray with mint leaves, raspberries

With just enough water to cover the bottom, place decoration. Freeze. Fill with water. Freeze

Too pretty to eat? No way!

I served these to guests and some plopped them in a glass of wine, some enhanced a gin tonic, and others flavored water, both sparkling and still. The decoration was unexpected, inexpensive and pretty.

Pretty seems to taste better 😉

Don’t you agree pretty taste better?

Floral Ice Cubes

The little flavor boosts may entice a few more sips of water which is a good thing as we sweat out the summer heat. Kids will like finding something at the bottom of the glass.

What flowers are safe to eat?

I picked flowers, berries and herbs from my yard that provided flavor and color for the cubes. Lavender, rosemary, thyme, mint, raspberries, roses, geraniums, and Johnny-jump-ups are just a few of the possibilities that are safe and edible to use in cooking. But there are lots more options. Find some here by the North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension. Use plants with either no pesticides or only pesticides labeled for edible crops and without the application of animal manure to the surrounding soil in the past four months.

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water in glass with floral ice cubes

Floral Ice Cubes | Don't you agree pretty taste better? Load your trays with berries, herbs and edible flowers. Extended pinky is optional.


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