Top LiveBest Recipes 2016

watermelon salsa bite

As we close out another year, I want to thank you for being part of my blog. I appreciate that you followed my 2016 trails and tried new recipes to live best.

It’s been a year of growth for me.

  • Fun travels to Iceland, Jackson Hole and a tour of the east coast with crossings of Delaware Bay and Brooklyn and Tappan Zee Bridges.
  • Great speaking opportunities on reducing food waste and living the LiveBest life in Idaho, Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Indiana, Iowa, California and Colorado.
  • Recipes featured at,,,, and Casper Journal.
  • Harvested honey from our bee hives ūüėČ

Was yours a Growth Year?

Did you end the year on a positive note? Is there a hole in your soul? Do you have the energy you need to live the life you want? Or do you feel you need a reboot for 2017? My 6-week webinar may be just your thing! For being a member of my tribe, I’m offering¬†LiveBest blog readers¬†the webinar at the deeply discounted price of $20.17! It’s usually $147.00.¬†Offer good until January 15. See the details below.

Delish and Nutrish…Top LiveBest Recipes for 2016

All those recipes featured around the world? Here they are in case you missed them.

Walnut Mushroom Rollsgyros burrito

Walnut Mushroom Lasagna Rolls                                          Gyros Breakfast Burritos

sliced apricot pecan crisps

Strawberry Basil Yogurt Tarts

Strawberry Basil Tarts                                                                             Apricot Pecan Crisps

sweet potato nachos






                                                                      Sweet Potato Nachos

Walnut Roasted Vegetable Salad

manjo jalapeno dressingwatermelon salsa bite

Mango Jalapeno Dressing                                                               Watermelon Salsa


quinoa vegetable soup

Peruvian Quinoa Soup

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Six one-hour webinars

  • Help you identify foods to live with vitality
  • Find activity you can do for life
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  • Feed your soul

To live best you must be present to win ‚ÄĒ living with intention and making the most of what you have, to live the life you want. Are you ready to say “yes‚ÄĚ to you?

You Must be Present to Win Webinar


What other said…

‚ÄúI loved the webinar. ¬†It was so interesting and helpful and provided¬†soon many follow up¬†recommendations that I will indeed follow up! ¬†I love the Soul Food!!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúThanks so much for your webinar Your information is simple, practical and sensible. The 6-week webinar was enjoyable – you deliver your message and guidance firmly, sensibly and with a smile. I have learned much, been making changes (grocery cart, cooking, eating and “soul food!!”) yet still have a bunch of progress to make. But I do believe you have provided me the practical knowledge and tools to make that progress. Again, thanks so much!!‚ÄĚ

So now’s you chance… to be present to win, to live the life you want, to take¬†2017 on so you can look back next year on all the progress you made.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West

Here’s to doing it right¬†in 2017!
















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